Meet Our Team Leaders

The PLUSH Global Management Team lives our mission of striving for performance, seeking new adventures, and supporting community.


Our founder, Heather Jackson, has always walked a different path on her climb to success, and each of our team leaders bucks tradition in their own way.

"This organization and its members have built a global community of athletes of all levels who support and lift each other up. At PLUSH Global we will continue to build and support this community while growing beyond triathlon to gravel racing, trail running, or any other endeavors that involve going hard, longer, or both." —Heather Jackson



Our Global Leaders



Our leaders have decades of experience racing, training, coaching, organizing, writing, and creating, all of which allows us to live Plush’s mission: find your individual path to success. At the heart of the team, however, is a steadfast commitment to each other, ensuring that we support and lift our community of athletes aiming for a shared goal.



Our Regional Leaders


Our regions are headed up by the 11 Regional Mentors, above and ten Regional Advisors: Stephanie Burke, Kim Herbert, Jen Jordan, Ed Kenney, Brian Trimyer, Marcel Lopez, Michelle Nelson, Mike Wadley, Keely Hope-Smith, and Kimberly Murphey.

This organization represents one of the most structured athletic communities in the world, resulting in clear communication from top to bottom (and vice versa) of values, partnerships, team direction, and feedback. The end result: a family that understands what is happening, when it’s happening, and where it is headed together.